Be brave or be forgotten

I believe that optimism can overcome just about any challenge. I often think of the struggle Nelson Mandela overcame with nothing but a glimmer of hope. That added drop of optimism will not only fill your glass past half full, it will flood in all the potential and all possibility the world has to offer.

Bio - Jonathan Smith Creative Director


I am a Canadian who was partially raised in Africa. A Canafrican if you will. I guess that makes me a little different than most. Different experiences. Different Awards. Different perspectives.

That’s because my training ground was a whole lot of different. A world happily turned upside down and left bright side up in ’94. (Invictus doesn’t do it justice, you had to see it firsthand). Plus, being a Canadian in Africa meant I was rather different there too.

Then again, aren’t we all a little different after 2008?

After any sort of time in advertising it’s easy to see that being different is the point. That’s how any creative agency hopes to make a difference for their clients out there. Accepting the idea that everyone in our world is beautifully odd, is the first and natural step to doing different differently. That's how we disrupt each day to make it different and exciting. 

So yes, I’m married to the idea of doing things a little different. Heart, mind & soul. That’s because I’m inherently different. Probably just like you.

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